Drop Holsters

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This holster is constructed of a 8-9 oz. leather with steel
laminated between the leather. The steel extends around the
cylinder and up to the fold. The holster has a 5/8 inch wide
strap, a nickel buckle, a hammer hold down, and a leg tie. It's
available for most single and double action revolvers. It's
offered in either a straight drop or 12 degree angle (barrel
pointed forward). Available without steel liner upon request.

This Drop Holster can be worn either on a traditional drop belt
or on a straight belt. By having the 12 degree angle on the
holster, it can be used as a cross draw. The same style holster
can also be ordered as a high ride (no drop to the holster).
It's also offered in a cross draw version.

All Drop Holsters are available in natural, tan, dark brown,
mahogany, black, and roughout. All are sewn with nylon thread and
are treated with natural oils.

Pictures By:
Gary Yohler
Tiffany Photography Studio
Corrales, New Mexico and

McKnight's Custom Leather
4885 St.Louis Rock Road
Villa Ridge, Missouri 63089